The One-Day WordPress Support Package

Is this package for you?

You’ve got important tasks to be completed for your WordPress website and you need us to step in and get them sorted for you.

What do you get from this package?

You get a day of our time to make updates, fix issues, install plugins, patch security holes, set up backups, etc. In other words, anything you need to get your WordPress website working, so you can focus on your business.

How much will you pay?

£395+VAT for the one-day package. Each task includes one round of minor revisions if you need it.

If you need a follow-up review and changes after the day, we offer a half-day add-on for £195+VAT.

We’ll back-up your site before we get started. If you want us to keep the backup for a whole year after we’ve done the work, we offer a back-up storage add-on for £29+VAT.

Do you want to know about the process? Read on to find out…

Here’s how we’ll work with you to get your tasks completed with maximum results

1. Discovery

1.2. You send a list of the tasks you need doing using our simple task submission form.

1.3. We’ll review your tasks to check they qualify for this package and follow up to make sure we’ve understood your requirements.

2. Execution

2.1. You’ll give us access to your hosting and WordPress accounts.

2.2. In the morning, we’ll get started on the tasks, taking a back-up before and after to make sure all your data is safe.

3. Delivery

3.1. At the end of the day, we’ll notify you when the tasks are complete and ready for you to review.

3.2. We give you one round of revisions for each task to make sure our work meets your expectations.

Do you still have questions about how we work? Read our 7 guarantees to you…

Our 7 guarantees to you

  1. We offer you a fixed price for the work, there are no hidden costs. If we go into overtime, that’s on us.
  2. We’ll have your tasks and revisions completed within 5 working days after you’ve ordered the package.
  3. We don’t outsource our work. Your tasks will be completed by one of our highly-skilled in-house WordPress developers.
  4. We promise not to install unnecessary plugins or junk which will slow down your site.
  5. We’ll give you a full summary of the changes to your site, so you know exactly what has been done.
  6. We’ll take full backups before and after we start working, your data will be safe.
  7. Our 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with our work. And if we break anything on your site, we’ll fix it for free.

Are you ready to get your WordPress tasks done?

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