The Business Builder Website Package

Is this package for you?

You want a website which takes your business’ online presence to the next level. A site which is easy for you to manage and update – branded and built to your requirements.

What do you get from this package?


You’ll get a new high-performance website built using an
industry leading WordPress theme and supporting page builder plugin for WordPress.

We’re not writing complex code or building custom components, so we can keep the price low and delivery fast. We’ll customize your chosen theme to match your brand and goals, and we’ll teach you how to use the page builder, so you have the freedom to manage your website without us.

  1. A fast, fully responsive, business focused WordPress website built with a WordPress theme and page builder plugin of your choice. Not sure which one? We can help you choose.
  2. Up to 15 custom page templates built with a page builder. We’ll teach you how to use and edit these templates.
  3. Integration with your social media accounts and company newsletter, so you can capture new leads and promote your site on social media.
  4. Need more features? Look at our package add-ons.

How much will you pay?

The Business Builder Website Package

£1,495+VAT Perfect if you’re on a budget but still want a high performance website you can maintain without all the frills.

Multilingual add-on

£375+VAT – Do you need to support additional languages? Our multilingual add-on includes set-up, configuration and training to show you how to manage your multilingual website.

Member portal add-on

£375+VAT – Do you need to restrict access to members-only content? We’ll set this up for you and show you how to manage your members and restrict access to content.

Events management add-on

£375+VAT – Are you promoting events on your website? We’ll set you up with an events calendar and show you how to manage and publish events. This does not include ticket sales.

One-day support package add-on

£375+VAT – Do you have a few small customisations you need to make? Linking up with your CRM; adding a custom lead capture form; setting up a sales funnel; appointment scheduling, etc? We’ll include an extra day for these additional tasks.

Here’s how we’ll work with you to get your tasks completed with maximum results

  1. Discovery
    1. You complete our comprehensive project discovery form. Linked at the end of this document.
    2. We’ll review your form and schedule a kick-off call to discuss your requirements in detail, get to know more about you and your project, and start to map out your website.
  2. Execution
    1. We’ll create wireframes for each page template and review those with you to make sure we’ve captured all your requirements.
    2. Once we’ve got sign-off on the wireframes you’ll have a solid idea of the content and images you need and we will start building.
    3. We’ll be communicating with you on a daily basis using our project management tool, Trello.
    4. Every week, we’ll have a milestone project update email or call ensuring we’re on pace for delivery.
  3. Delivery
    1. At the end of each milestone, we’ll notify you when our tasks are complete and ready for you to review.
    2. We give you one round of revisions for each task to make sure our work meets your expectations.
    3. Once all the milestones have been completed, we’ll have a final review of the website prior to launch.
    4. One week after launch, we’ll schedule your team’s website training and website hand over.

Our time-tested, client-approved processes helping SMEs like yours get the best results with the least headache

Have you asked yourself how is it possible that we offer a standard website package when there are so many unique businesses like yours out there?

Our answer is our time-tested, client-approved project processes.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in different industries across the world. Combining the unique needs for each client with our standardised results-driven set of processes.

Smart processes designed to build upon your goals for the best vision of your business’ website.

We use a milestone system, project tracker and our well-honed processes in order to build and deliver your website to you.

Researched thoroughly, developed transparently, and delivered quickly, so you can focus on your business.

Our 6 guarantees to you

  1. We offer you a fixed price for the work, there are no hidden costs. If we go into overtime, that’s on us.
  2. We’ll have your website, revisions and training completed within 30 days after you’ve ordered the package.
  3. We promise not to install unnecessary plugins or junk which will slow down your site.
  4. We’ll give you and your team full training for your site, so you will know exactly how to manage and update it without our help.
  5. We’ll help you get your site online and set-up full backups once the site has been launched, your data will be safe.
  6. Our 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with our work. And if anything is broken on your site, we’ll fix it for free within 90 days after delivery.

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