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Custom WordPress websites, plugins, and themes for your business. Built to last, built for speed, and built for ease-of-use.

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Are you looking to build your next WordPress website? Is your current site outdated, underperforming, or lacking key functionality?

Have you tried building your website yourself using a page builder, theme, and plugins, but found that it’s not as customisable as you want, doesn’t have the functionality you need, or isn’t appearing on Google?

Then you need a freelance WordPress developer in London who knows how to build you a custom WordPress website that it works for your business; bringing you new business and leads, integrating with your existing business processes, as a showcase and marketing tool for your products and services.

For 9+ years I have been offering custom WordPress development services as a freelance WordPress developer in London. My clients are small businesses (SMBs), creative agencies, and third-sector organisations, primarily based in London and the UK.

Empowering Businesses across Industries

Successful Collaborations and Concrete Results

I take great pride in partnering with businesses from diverse sectors, delivering high-quality WordPress solutions tailored to their needs.




Empowering European Ventures with Dynamic Digital Presence

Custom build featuring beautiful hand-crafted visuals from Beach.Design. Custom Airtable CRM integration.


Snow Monkey Brands

Beast Store Website

Making Tough Bin Bags Accessible Online

Custom design and build. WooCommerce + Subscriptions website featuring a highly customised checkout flow and custom integration with distribution partner.


Brother Cycles

Brother Cycles Website

Pedaling Success with Custom E-Commerce Solution

Custom design and build from client branding guidelines. Featuring an e-commerce store with bike customisations and a wholesalers portal.


Kings College London

Centre for the Study of Governance & Society Website

Aligning Academic Excellence with Digital Presence

Custom design and build using Bootstrap and Advanced Custom Fields. Website supports events management and multimedia integrations.



Centripetal AI Website

Crafting a Dynamic Marketing Hub with Advanced Integrations

Custom built from client provided mockups. Featuring custom AfterEffects/Lottie animations and video throughout.



Eyekandy Website

Showcasing Immersive Experiences via a High-Performance Website

Custom build using client provided designs. Showcasing the brand and services provided by the client. Featuring custom video carousels and animations.



FMXA Website

Elevating Brand Presence Through Innovative Web Design

Custom built from client provided mockups. Global marketing site for the FMXA digital agency.


Morris Bespoke

Morris Bespoke Website

Crafting a Digital Showroom for Exquisite Handcrafted Furniture

Custom build from client provided mockups. Built using the Gutenberg Block Editor with custom blocks to enable full-site editing capabilities for the client.


Recruitment Revolution

Recruitment Revolution Website

Revolutionizing Recruitment with a Seamless Digital Ecosystem

Custom built from provided mock-ups. Built using Bootstrap and ACF with custom integrations for Job Posting API and Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


TBA Wholesalers

TBA Wholesalers Website

Catalyzing Online Growth for Bermuda's Premier Tire and Battery Supplier

Custom design and build. A straightforward marketing website to drive online leads for the client.


The Cocktail Service

The Cocktail Society Website

Shaking Up the Subscription Box Market with a Blend of Elegance and Customization

Custom built from provided mock-ups. Highly customised WooCommerce + WooCommerce Subscriptions for monthly personalised cocktail subscription boxes.

Why Choose To Work With Me For Your Next Project?

Finding The Right Development Partner

I promise dedication, technical expertise, and a commitment to quality with my Quality Guarantee. Have a look at the other benefits that come with partnering with me for your next WordPress project.

Your Bespoke Website

I offer you a unique, hand-crafted website - tailored to your brand identity, catering to your specific needs.

Quality Guarantee

I’m committed to delivering high-quality website solutions tailored for your needs with my Quality Guarantee. If any issues arise I will address them promptly and effectively.

Unparalleled Performance

Serve your visitors a fast, efficient, online experience while benefiting from improved SEO rankings.

Clear Communication

Clear, open communication throughout the development process ensures your vision is executed to perfection.

Transparent Costs

Flexible hourly and daily rates, or fixed quote pricing structures with detailed time sheets and ensure you’re clear about what you’re paying for.

Advanced WordPress Knowledge

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that I am building your site using WordPress best practices and leveraging the WordPress ecosystem to its fullest.

Streamlined Development Process

Benefit from my battle-tested processes, project management tools, and point-and-click feedback tools, making your website build hassle free.

London-Based Developer

Feel comfortable you’re working with a local developer abiding by UK standard, rules, and regulations, with the option of face-to-face meetings.

Smooth Third-Party Integrations

Experience effortless integration with third-party plugins, APIs, and CRMs - supporting your custom automations and customer flows.

Future-Proofed Websites

Receive a WordPress website that’s easy to update and adapt to future changes, ensuring a long-term, robust online presence.

Long-Term Partnership

The launch of your website is only the start of our working relationship. Trust that I’ll be here to help and support you as your website grows and evolves.

Increased Business Efficiency

Focus on growing and streamlining your business with a tailored website that catalyses your efforts.

Proven Expertise

Trust in my knowledge, professionalism, and track record to handle your project. See what my past and current clients have to say.

Maximise Online Presence

Enhance your online visibility with a high-performance, well-indexed website that follows SEO and usability best practises.

Flexible Building Options

Choose to have a fully custom-coded website built using the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), or using page builders like Elementor or Oxygen.

Adaptable Service Agreement

From short-term projects to long-term collaborations, terms are adapted to suit your specific needs, promising the best outcome.

Simple Pricing for Your Next WordPress Project

Flexible Pricing

I offer flexible and fixed priced options for any sized project. From full website builds, to monthly care plans, website audits, and more – I've got you covered with pricing options to suit you.



Flexible hourly billing to suit your ad-hoc WordPress projects.

  • Flexible, fair billing in 1/10th hour increments, no job too small.
  • No monthly retainers. Only pay for the time you need.
  • No overcharging for quickly solved tasks.
  • More control over your budget.
  • Pay for focused, quality time.
  • Flexibility for big or small projects.
  • Transparent accounting of time.
  • One standard rate, any type of work required.



A more cost-effective day rate for longer-term projects (3+ months minimum).

  • A more affordable daily rate for medium and long-term projects.
  • Book my time in advance so you know when I'll be working.
  • Consistent availability, ensuring smooth progress.
  • Promotes ongoing collaboration and efficiency.
  • Perfect for regular, consistent work.
  • Stable pricing for easy budgeting.
  • Dedicated time for your projects.

Marketing Websites


Take charge of your business's online presence with a fixed-price marketing website using your custom designs.

  • Custom built to your specification and designs.
  • Predictable costs with no budget creep.
  • Tailored pricing based on project scope.
  • Perfect for clearly defined projects.
  • Full project delivery within your budget.
  • Offers you peace of mind on costs.

eCommerce Websites


Grow your e-commerce business - traditional or subscription-based - with a high-performance website powered by WooCommerce.

  • Custom built to your specification and designs.
  • Tailored functionality for goods, services, or subscriptions.
  • Integrations with 3rd party CRM and distribution partners.
  • Easy-to-use management dashboard for efficient operations.
  • eCommerce analytics integrations for data-driven improvements.
  • Cost-effective scalability for business growth.

See What My Clients Say About My Services

Sharing Success Stories

I'm very proud of the work that I do while working with my clients. The true measure of success is my clients' satisfaction.

Everyone at King’s College London is in love with the new CSGS website, from the faculty in our department to the higher up deans. It’s a relief to have a web presence that matches the awesome research reputation of our university. We’re honestly really happy to recommend James for web development– he’s very thoughtful, reliable and always tries to match the web design & functionality to one’s mission and KPIs. We’re very grateful to have worked with James and are ready to recommend him ten times over!

Irena Schneider

Assistant Director - Kings College London

James worked incredibly quickly, producing code of a very high standard that was meticulously organised. He was a pleasure to work with. He’s someone I’d strongly recommend for any WordPress build-outs.

James Finlayson

Head of Strategy - Verve Search

It works well for me as I like the fact I am speaking direct to James who is building the site rather than speaking to a junior account manager which you get at many agencies. After the initial build was completed, James is managing our site and helping with a lot of changes we’re doing as we grow.

Jonnie Shearer

Founder - Beast Store

I’ve said this to other people, but James is very smart. He’s not just a developer, he’s good at problem-solving. He can come up with a few solutions and talk them through with me. Some developers I’ve worked with need total direction. I like that James can get on with it without being told exactly what needs to be done, particularly with the more complicated builds.

Tom Bronock

Co-Founder - The Cocktail Service

Frequently Asked Questions

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You've got questions, I've got answers. Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Book an intro call with me and I'll be happy to help.

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Do you offer a quality guarantee?

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Why Choose WordPress?

Own Your Own Platform

WordPress continues to be my go-to for all website development, allowing me to offer my clients an infinitely scalable and practical solution for fully integrated and sales-focused website designs.

Open Source

It's open-source, which means I can do anything I like with it without being restricted to a particular vendor (e.g. Shopify, Wix, Squarespace).

Active, Diverse Community

It has a rich community and lots of plugins, allowing you to extend common functionality (e.g. event management, ecommerce, CRM integration) without having to write it from scratch.

Low Barrier to Entry

It's low barrier to entry means clients often already have experience using it and don't need to reskill to learn a new platform.

Flexible and Extensible

It's very flexible, it can be used for almost any type of website, from a small blog, to eCommerce shops, to large scale international news/media sites, to multi-vendor marketplaces, etc.

Affordable to Host & Maintain

It's cheap to host and maintain, meaning less overhead for clients and myself.

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