WordPress Care Plans

Let our team of WordPress experts manage and maintain your website

You need a technical partner to help manage and maintain your website while you focus on your business. Our care plans give you that option.

Do you need a monthly WordPress Care Plan?

Small Business Owners

Focus on growing your business. Let us manage your website. We'll handle all of your edit requests, maintain your website, and send you helpful reports - so you have one thing less on your mind to worry about.

Creative Agencies

Keep your clients happy - hands-free. We'll handle all of your client's websites while you work on their upcoming projects, campaigns, and strategy. We offer a white-label service if you want it.


Get back to your clients - leave the updates to us. Updating plugins, making configuration changes, and changing text eats into your time. Save yourself the time and hassle - leave those tasks to us.

Our Care Plan Services

Website Management

You've got access to our WordPress support team. If you've got a question about your site - or need help and advice - we're ready.

Monthly Maintenance

We keep your website up-to-date on a monthly basis to ensure you're getting the newest features, best performance and latest security patches.

Speed Optimization

We'll keep your website running as fast as it can and give you actionable reports each month to help you improve your organic search rankings.

Website Status Reports

We'll send you detailed reports of what we've done every month, information about the health of your website, and key visitor metrics.

Defensive Security

We run full security scans our client's sites in real time to detect any security breaches. Our incident response team is always on standby.

Secure Backups

Every change you make is saved to our enterprise-grade backup service. Your data is encrypted and secure, ready if you need to restore your site.

Emergency Support

We take emergencies seriously. If you have a critical issue with your website, our team will work around the clock to identify the root cause and get it fixed.

Analytics Reports

Learn more about your visitors' behaviours, track key metrics, and identify bottlenecks in your website with our analytics services.

Website Edits

Send us your edit requests and let us handle them. Whether you need to update an article, create a landing page, or update a WordPress setting - we've got you covered.

WordPress Helpdesk

Got a question about WordPress? Need some advice about what theme or plugin to choose? Not sure about the next steps for your website? Chat with us anytime, we're here to help.

Uptime Monitoring

We check your website every minute of the day to ensure that it's online running as normal. Any outages will be handled by us immediately.

Managed Hosting

We'll manage your WordPress hosting for you - ensuring your web server is up-to-date, secure, and performant. Any hosting issues? We'll handle it for you.