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Hugo Static Site Development

If you value speed, simplicity, and safety, then a custom built website powered by Hugo may be the right choice for your next project.

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Whether you run a startup, a growing business, or even a creative agency, it’s my job to ensure you get the best solutions for your website projects. Hugo is one of those solutions that I specialise in.

Why Hugo? - I use Hugo to build custom designed, ultra-fast, super-secure websites that are easily updatable but with very low maintenance and upkeep requirements.

Read my article about Hugo to find out more.

Websites Built with Hugo

Web Development Portfolio

Browse a small selection of my work over a diverse range of client projects, all handled with care and attention to detail.



WildPress Website

Custom built using Hugo and Tailwind. Check out how fast this website is!

Finding The Right Development Partner

Why Choose To Work With Me For Your Next Project?

I promise dedication, technical expertise, and a commitment to quality with my Quality Guarantee. Have a look at the other benefits that come with partnering with me for your next WordPress project.

Flexible Pricing

Simple Pricing for Your Next Hugo Project

I offer flexible and fixed priced options for any sized project. From full website builds, to monthly care plans, website audits, and more – I've got you covered with pricing options to suit you.



Flexible hourly billing to suit your ad-hoc Hugo projects.

  • Flexible, fair billing in 1/10th hour increments, no job too small.
  • No monthly retainers. Only pay for the time you need.
  • No overcharging for quickly solved tasks.
  • More control over your budget.
  • Pay for focused, quality time.
  • Flexibility for big or small projects.
  • Transparent accounting of time.
  • One standard rate, any type of work required.



A more cost-effective day rate for longer-term projects (3+ months minimum).

  • A more affordable daily rate for medium and long-term projects.
  • Book my time in advance so you know when I'll be working.
  • Consistent availability, ensuring smooth progress.
  • Promotes ongoing collaboration and efficiency.
  • Perfect for regular, consistent work.
  • Stable pricing for easy budgeting.
  • Dedicated time for your projects.

Marketing Websites


Take charge of your business's online presence with a fixed-price marketing website using your custom designs.

  • Custom built to your specification and designs.
  • Predictable costs with no budget creep.
  • Tailored pricing based on project scope.
  • Perfect for clearly defined projects.
  • Full project delivery within your budget.
  • Offers you peace of mind on costs.

Sharing Success Stories

See What My Clients Say About My Services

I'm very proud of the work that I do while working with my clients. The true measure of success is my clients' satisfaction.

James worked incredibly quickly, producing code of a very high standard that was meticulously organised. He was a pleasure to work with. He’s someone I’d strongly recommend for any WordPress build-outs.

James Finlayson

Head of Strategy - Verve Search

It works well for me as I like the fact I am speaking direct to James who is building the site rather than speaking to a junior account manager which you get at many agencies. After the initial build was completed, James is managing our site and helping with a lot of changes we’re doing as we grow.

Jonnie Shearer

Founder - Beast Store

I’ve said this to other people, but James is very smart. He’s not just a developer, he’s good at problem-solving. He can come up with a few solutions and talk them through with me. Some developers I’ve worked with need total direction. I like that James can get on with it without being told exactly what needs to be done, particularly with the more complicated builds.

Tom Bronock

Co-Founder - The Cocktail Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, I've got answers. Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Book an intro call with me and I'll be happy to help.

How do I update content on my Hugo website?

Do you offer a quality guarantee?

Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator

Why Choose Hugo?

Hugo stands out as one of my top choices for website development, enabling me to offer clients an extremely fast, secure, and cost-effective solution for crafting unique and functional website designs.

Blazing-Fast Response Times

With Hugo and my high-quality hosting service, your site will load remarkably fast, making speed a non-issue for visitors. This allows them to navigate, explore and conduct business on your site quickly and efficiently.

Super Secure

Hugo's framework omits the need for a database and server-side processing, inherently safeguarding against common threats like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. This significantly minimizes your site's susceptibility to hacking.

Easy Content Management

Updating content is a breeze thanks to Hugo's support for Markdown formatting and customizable shortcodes. This means adding or updating site content is as simple as creating/editing a text file, no coding skills necessary.

Adaptable and Robust

Hugo's versatility shines in custom themes built per best practices. It not only handles a variety of site types, but also simplifies the implementation of critical SEO and accessibility features.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

Hugo's static sites can be easily hosted on a variety of platforms, requiring minimal maintenance and overhead, making it both an economical and hassle-free choice.

Reach a Global Audience

Hugo's inherent multilingual support enables your business to communicate effectively with customers worldwide, extending your reach and opportunities.

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