My Quality Guarantee

Commitment to Excellence

My Quality Guarantee is my promise to you that the service you'll receive isn't just professional, but exceptional. I'm a seasoned WordPress developer committed to delivering the best for you and your business. I stand by my Quality Guarantee.

Why Do I Offer a Quality Guarantee?

Maximising the Potential of Your Website

WordPress is a versatile Content Management System (CMS) with excellent potential in the hands of a well-versed professional.

However, the low barrier to entry means that the quality of WordPress freelancers available for hire varies greatly.

In my experience, new clients have often faced challenges when their developers did not fully master the WordPress platform or web development fundamentals, leaving them with an ill-fitting solution that couldn’t deliver the customised solutions they needed.

Is this a problem with WordPress specifically? Absolutely not!

It’s an opportunity for us to ensure you get the most out of the WordPress platform and community, benefiting from my expert handling and guidance.

Ongoing Support and Training: The Key to Longevity

One of the most common issues new clients have encountered is the lack of adequate support and training following the completion of their website.

Too often they come to me with websites bloated with third-party plugins and things breaking with each and every update and change.

This is why I go the extra mile to ensure my clients not only get a well-built website also necessary training for non-technical website managers, and a consistent, ongoing support system.

Training is designed to empower you and yur team to handle basic content updates and make the most of your website, while still having professional support available when needed.

Just like a car needs regular maintenance, a WordPress website needs attentive care to maintain its top-tier performance. My Care Plan is designed to provide regular check-ups and updates to keep your website running seamlessly and serving your business effectively.

At the end of the day, a well-built WordPress website, when maintained properly, can serve your needs for many years without requiring significant overhauls.

Direct Engagement vs Online Platforms: Better Flexibility and Efficiency

Working directly with a freelance developer, like myself, offers distinct advantages over hiring through an online platform.

Firstly, direct engagement allows for personal, one-to-one service. Together, we can creatively problem-solve, design, and implement a WordPress solution specifically suited to your business needs, without platform imposed constraints.

Clear, open communication is another key advantage of direct collaboration. You can reach me via phone, email, messenger, in-person, etc., not just the platforms restrictive messaging system. This ensures your exact needs and expectations are consistently understood and met, reducing misunderstandings and delays.

Direct engagement is also more cost-effective. I don’t have to factor in fees or commissions typically associated with online platforms. I’m able to offer better rates and spend more time focussed on building your website.

Finally, by building a direct relationship, we can create a strong foundation built on mutual trust and understanding - leading to higher efficiency, quicker turnarounds, and long-lasting results. Plus there’s the added benefit of potential long-term collaboration as I get to know you and your business needs better over time.

In embracing a direct engagement model, I further uphold my quality guarantee, ensuring you receive top-tier, personalised WordPress solutions that cater precisely to your business objectives.

Holding Myself Accountable to You

The web development industry might not have a regulatory body that guarantees accountability, but as your committed WordPress developer, I hold myself accountable to you.

My formal quality guarantee isn’t just a promise - it’s the core of my business model. Most of my work is generated from repeat business and referrals from existing clients.

Some developers might use off-the-shelf themes and plugins, tying them together with borrowed code snippets without really understanding what they all do. I prioritise custom solutions and high-quality development using my deep WordPress knowledge and web development fundamentals to ensure your website stands the test of time.

Over the years, many business owners have shared their frustrations with WordPress with me. More often than not, these frustrations arise due to their website initially being set up poorly and/or a lack of training, updates and support - not WordPress itself.

This is where I come in - delivering a reliable WordPress solution, underpinned by my quality guarantee, which will add real value to your business.

Remember, it’s not about WordPress specifically, it’s about how we utilise it to foster your success!

The Nitty-Gritty of My Quality Guarantee

My quality guarantee is not just a promise; it’s part of every phase of my work and client relationships.

Here’s what you can expect:

Planning Stage: Research and Discovery

  • During the planning stage, I conduct extensive research and engaged in an in-depth discovery process. The goal is to understand your business, target audience, and your unique goals.
  • Following up, we set project objectives together, and a detailed scope of work is created, which we can use to get started.
  • The planning phase ensures we’ve got everything lined up for success from the very start.

Build and Execution Stage: Crafting your Website

  • As we progress into the build phase, your website is crafted, adhering to coding standards defined by the WordPress committee, W3C Web Standards, and general best practises.
  • The focus is on delivering a robust, efficient, and user-friendly WordPress website matching your unique needs.

Testing and Review Stage: Ensuring Flawless Performance

  • Prior to launch, your site undergoes rigorous testing. This involves resolving bugs, troubleshooting potential issues, and fine-tuning performance.
  • I test on different browsers and device types, including mobiles and tablets, to catch and fix potential compatibility issues.
  • The goal of this phase is to ensure your website delivers a seamless user experience across all modern platforms and devices.

Post-Launch: Monitoring and Support

  • Once your website is life, I will continue to monitor your website closely to catch and address any post-launch issues quickly.
  • Monitoring includes keeping an eye on traffic, user behaviour, integrations, discoverability, etc.
  • If you sign-up to one of my WordPress Hosting Plans you can rest easy knowing that your website is fully protected, secure, backed-up, and as performant as possible.

Warranty Period: Ensuring You Are Covered

  • I offer all my clients a post-launch warranty period to ensure that any latent issues that may surface will be taken care of quickly.
  • And of course, my warranty extends to any bit of work I do for you, not just the initial website build!
  • My warranty serves as a safety cushion for your website and your business’ online presence.

Resolving Issues: Direct and Efficient

  • In the rare event a dispute should arise, you have my full commitment to resolve it promptly and efficiently.
  • Making sure your project is a success is always at the forefront of my focus.

From planning to post-launch, each step along the way is underpinned by my quality guarantee, ensuring you get a WordPress website for your business that’s tailored to your needs and which performs seamlessly across all modern browsers and device types.

Read What My Clients Say

James has been a precious partner for the past 5 years. I have rarely found someone so professional, dedicated, kind and responsive.

Francesca Moresi

Psychotherapist - Private Therapist London

It works well for me as I like the fact I am speaking direct to James who is building the site rather than speaking to a junior account manager which you get at many agencies. After the initial build was completed, James is managing our site and helping with a lot of changes we’re doing as we grow.

Jonnie Shearer

Founder - Beast Store

I’ve said this to other people, but James is very smart. He’s not just a developer, he’s good at problem-solving. He can come up with a few solutions and talk them through with me. Some developers I’ve worked with need total direction. I like that James can get on with it without being told exactly what needs to be done, particularly with the more complicated builds.

Tom Bronock

Co-Founder - The Cocktail Service