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The Chronicles of a Developer's Pursuit for Web Perfection

Of course, I'm going to include my own website! Custom built using Hugo and Tailwind for blazing fast load times, easy management, and updates.

WildPress Website


  • Crafter of Codes: James Whayman, at the helm of WildPress.
  • Industry Niche: Web Development – where functionality meets finesse.
  • Corner of the Internet: https://wildpress.co/ – the gateway to my digital showcase.

The Brief

Every web developer needs their own standard-bearer; a digital portfolio to not only draw the crowd but to hold the tent up too. My mission was to construct a living exhibit of my work while sidestepping the snares of the common web trappings.

Project Ambitions

  • Erect an online portfolio that’s a cut above – one that serves up both a visual treat and a narrative feast.
  • Utilize Hugo - the Static Site Generator (SSG), my chosen sidekick for this adventure, allowing my comfort with Markdown to drive us forward to a site that loads faster than a disappearing rabbit in a magic act.
  • Ascend the SEO rankings with a strategic sleight of hand, outwitting the competition with a wink and a nod, all the while playing by the search engine’s rulebook.
  • Initiate a seamless call to action that doesn’t meander about but rather politely point to the ‘Book a Chat’ button.

Approach and Execution

  1. Hugo’s Sprint: Embraced Hugo for its briskness and clung to Markdown, making site updates nearly as pleasurable as a good cup of tea.
  2. Minimalist Approach: Honed a design that’s like a crisp, clear autumn morning – easy on the eyes and refreshing to navigate.
  3. SEO Tête-à-Tête: Finesse meta tags and structured data with a light touch for a site that quietly climbs the search ranks.
  4. The Lone CTA: Cut through the froth and presented one single call-to-action – because life’s complicated enough without multi-layered website navigation menus.


  • An elegantly designed portfolio that showcases my capabilities without shouting from the rooftops.
  • Lightweight pages that snap into place with the punctuality of the Greenwich Time Signal.
  • A tip of the hat to GDPR – respecting privacy without all the fuss.


  • A site that doesn’t just race to the top of search results but rather takes the scenic route, enjoying the journey as much as the arrival.
  • A user experience that’s as straightforward as a London A to Z, guiding visitors where they need to go with none of the usual palaver.
  • The joy of maintenance that’s about as taxing as a leisurely Sunday crossword.

Glimpse into the Workshop

The Cocktail Society Website


At WildPress, it’s not just about building websites – it’s about crafting experiences that leave a lingering note of satisfaction. Intrigued? Book an intro call that might just be the beginning of something special.