The Cocktail Society Website

Shaking Up the Subscription Box Market with a Blend of Elegance and Customization

Custom built from provided mock-ups. Highly customised WooCommerce + WooCommerce Subscriptions for monthly personalised cocktail subscription boxes.

The Cocktail Society Website

Client Overview


The Cocktail Society required an engaging online platform that could manage a complex subscription service offering bespoke cocktail experiences. With a need to transition from an old system without loss of content or search rankings, the project demanded meticulous planning, data migration, and the implementation of an e-commerce solution that could handle customized subscription logic and high traffic volumes.

Project Goals

  • Create a visually appealing e-commerce storefront coupled with an intuitive subscription system, using WooCommerce subscriptions.
  • Leverage Elementor to provide the client’s in-house team the capability to build fresh landing pages based on custom templates.
  • Ensure optimal site performance, considering the expected high user load and transaction volume.
  • Migrate existing content, including blog posts and recipes, with improved structured data markup for enhanced SEO.
  • Deliver advanced subscription customization options to facilitate a superior customer experience while reducing administrative overhead.

Process and Development

  1. WooCommerce Subscription Setup: Utilized WooCommerce subscriptions as the foundation for the new site, accommodating flexible subscription models.
  2. Elementor Implementation: Adopted Elementor for straightforward content updates, empowering the client’s marketing team.
  3. Performance Optimization: Concentrated on load-time efficiency to support a seamless user experience.
  4. Content Migration: Transitioned valuable SEO content to the new platform, ensuring the preservation and enhancement of search rankings.
  5. Custom Subscription Features: Developed distinctive features such as gift subscriptions, monthly personalization, and self-service options.

Solutions Delivered

  • A seamless subscription-based e-commerce site that elegantly presents The Cocktail Society’s offerings and own-brand products.
  • Streamlined site management with custom Elementor templates for the creation of marketing collateral.
  • A high-performance platform equipped to handle a growing subscriber base without compromising on speed.
  • Sophisticated subscription options providing customers with control over their cocktail preferences and gift-giving abilities.


  • Provided The Cocktail Society with a robust e-commerce website contributing to a significant increase in their subscription base.
  • Optimized user experience with personalized subscription management, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Maintained SEO prowess through strategic content migration and structured data enhancement.
  • Established a successful ongoing partnership through a comprehensive care plan, ensuring lasting site functionality and growth.

Client Testimonial

The Cocktail Society Website


The Cocktail Society’s online transformation merges the artisanal charm of premium cocktail selection with the technical sophistication of modern e-commerce, capturing the spirit of innovation necessary to thrive in the subscription marketplace.

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