TBA Wholesalers Website

Catalyzing Online Growth for Bermuda's Premier Tire and Battery Supplier

Custom design and build. A straightforward marketing website to drive online leads for the client.

TBA Wholesalers Website

Client Overview

  • Client Name: TBA Wholesalers
  • Industry: Wholesale and Retail Tire and Battery Supply
  • Website URL: https://www.tba.bm/


TBA Wholesalers, with over 35 years of establishment, required a digital facelift to connect with internet-savvy customers and boost their online presence. The objective was to create a marketing platform that would not only embody TBA’s brand values but also drive traffic through strategic content marketing and active social media engagement.

Project Goals

  • Develop a custom, user-friendly marketing website that accurately represents TBA Wholesalers’ brand and legacy.
  • Enhance online exposure to attract a modern consumer base and improve search engine rankings.
  • Manage digital advertising through Google AdWords and establish a robust presence on social media platforms.
  • Provide all-encompassing IT and digital support through ongoing consultancy and a comprehensive care plan.

Process and Development

  1. Bespoke Website Creation: Crafted a tailored website with an emphasis on brand coherence and market appeal.
  2. Content Marketing Integration: Incorporated a content marketing strategy to bolster online visibility and search rankings.
  3. Multi-Channel Digital Marketing: Launched and managed Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook, and Instagram profiles to create a buzz and channel traffic to the site.
  4. Google My Business Optimization: Ensured TBA Wholesalers was prominently listed and updated on Google Maps to facilitate easy local discovery.
  5. Comprehensive IT and Web Management: Entered a consultant agreement to oversee IT-related needs, website maintenance, and updates.

Solutions Delivered

  • A vibrant marketing website with a fresh design aligning with TBA Wholesalers’ esteemed market position.
  • Increased online visibility and higher search rankings through a targeted content marketing strategy.
  • Efficacious Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and social media marketing efforts leading to amplified brand reach and foot traffic.
  • A strengthened Google My Business profile contributing to enhanced local search presence and customer engagement.


  • Revitalized TBA Wholesalers’ digital image, attracting a broader audience and driving online interactions.
  • Achieved a notable surge in web traffic from both organic and advertising-driven sources.
  • Facilitated growth in social media following, yielding higher engagement rates and community involvement.
  • Secured TBA Wholesalers’ place as Bermuda’s number one tire and battery supplier in the digital realm.
TBA Wholesalers Website


Through a comprehensive digital strategy and a custom-built marketing website, TBA Wholesalers has successfully extended its reach to Bermuda’s connected consumers, reinforcing its position as the island’s top-tier supplier of tires and batteries.

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