Recruitment Revolution Website

Revolutionizing Recruitment with a Seamless Digital Ecosystem

Custom built from provided mock-ups. Built using Bootstrap and ACF with custom integrations for Job Posting API and Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Recruitment Revolution Website

Client Overview


Recruitment Revolution, a boutique UK recruitment agency, required a website overhaul to align with their new brand identity and enhance their online recruitment functions. The goal was to tightly integrate their robust in-house Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with the website, creating a seamless experience for job posting and application processing, all while maintaining a strong marketing and SEO presence.

Project Goals

  • Reinvent the Recruitment Revolution web experience to embody the agency’s refreshed brand and strategic vision.
  • Streamline the job search and application process through custom integrations with the agency’s internal ATS.
  • Ensure the website caters to content marketing strategies and is optimized for SEO, speed, and performance.
  • Equip the site with various third-party tools for analytics and user engagement while focusing on ease of management by the client.

Process and Development

  1. Custom ATS Integration: Designed and implemented a bespoke synchronization system for job postings and applications between the website and the in-house ATS.
  2. Content Marketing Support: Coordinated with the content team to execute a targeted content marketing strategy that complements the site’s SEO goals.
  3. Performance-Driven Build: Utilized Bootstrap and Advanced Custom Fields to shape a high-performing, manageable website.
  4. Third-Party Tools Implementation: Incorporated vital tools such as Typeform for surveys, Google Analytics, and Tag Manager for tracking user interactions and data insights.
  5. Ongoing Management: Engaged in a long-term care plan, providing consistent website upkeep and enhancements over the years.

Solutions Delivered

  • A modern, dynamic website that brings Recruitment Revolution’s innovative approach to the forefront of the staffing industry.
  • Seamless job search and application functionalities that reflect the sophistication of the internal ATS, providing an intuitive user experience.
  • Strategic content development and expert SEO practices solidified within the site’s framework.
  • Advanced integrations and performance tuning to ensure the website’s agility and operational excellence.


  • Elevated Recruitment Revolution’s online brand presence with a renewed website that harmonizes with their internal systems.
  • Delivered a streamlined, end-to-end application process resulting in increased user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Achieved measurable improvements in website speed, performance, and search engine rankings.
  • Provided continuous support and development that has kept the website at the cutting edge of digital recruitment solutions.
Recruitment Revolution Website


The Recruitment Revolution website encapsulates a state-of-the-art recruitment platform, demonstrating how thoughtful integrations and a commitment to performance can underpin the digital transformation of industry-leading services.

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