FMXA Website

Elevating Brand Presence Through Innovative Web Design

Custom built from client provided mockups. Global marketing site for the FMXA digital agency.

FMXA Website

Client Overview


With a commitment to excellence in branding and marketing, FMXA required a modern, robust website to replace their outdated one. The new site needed not only to reflect their creative capabilities but also to facilitate easy updates and effective lead management through integrations with platforms such as HubSpot.

Project Goals

  • Develop a fresh, contemporary website that accurately portrays FMXA’s portfolio and service offerings.
  • Select a page builder that balances performance with the adaptability to cater to FMXA’s dynamic content needs.
  • Implement advanced filtering options to enhance portfolio navigation, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Integrate the website with HubSpot for streamlined lead capture and management.

Process and Development

  1. Oxygen Builder Implementation: Chose Oxygen for its performance and flexibility, allowing FMXA to easily manage their site.
  2. Creative Portfolio Display: Highlighted FMXA’s work with engaging filters and sorting features to drive specificity in user engagement.
  3. HubSpot Integration: Seamlessly integrated HubSpot to capture leads directly through the website.
  4. Design and Animation: Ensured the website design was modern and leveraged animations to add a layer of sophistication and brand alignment.
  5. Collaboration: Maintained a close partnership with FMXA to replicate their branding success in the digital space, drawing from past successful project experiences.

Solutions Delivered

  • A visually appealing and performance-driven website built with Oxygen Builder, reflecting FMXA’s branding prowess.
  • A tailored portfolio experience with advanced filters to showcase FMXA’s wide array of services and past successes.
  • Smart lead management capabilities, with HubSpot integration enhancing the effectiveness of FMXA’s marketing efforts.


  • Successfully transitioned FMXA from an outdated website to a modern, easily managed platform.
  • Received positive feedback for the usability and aesthetic appeal of the new portfolio display.
  • Streamlined lead generation and client acquisition through efficient HubSpot integration.
FMXA website


The FMXA website is a testament to effective branding merged with technical acumen, providing a compelling digital storefront that not only showcases the agency’s exceptional talent but also their commitment to modern marketing strategies.

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