Eyekandy Website

Showcasing Immersive Experiences via a High-Performance Website

Custom build using client provided designs. Showcasing the brand and services provided by the client. Featuring custom video carousels and animations.

Eyekandy Website

Client Overview

  • Client Name: Eyekandy
  • Industry: Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Website URL: https://eyekandy.com/


Eyekandy, a company specializing in AR and VR services for business activations, sought a digital platform capable of showcasing their innovative work through a video-intensive interface. The key challenge was to create a website that would serve as a powerful marketing tool without compromising on load times or video quality, offering a seamless user experience for clients interested in AR and VR solutions.

Project Goals

  • Build a visually striking website that effectively demonstrates Eyekandy’s AR and VR services through high-quality video content.
  • Ensure website performance and speed are optimized despite the heavy use of multimedia.
  • Develop an easy-to-update system that allows the client to refresh video content as needed.
  • Incorporate a blog with filterable categories for users to easily access relevant articles.
  • Seamlessly integrate a booking system for discovery calls utilizing Calendly.

Process and Development

  1. Video Optimization: Implemented dynamic loading and WebM format to balance quality and performance for the video-heavy site.
  2. Oxygen Builder Deployment: Chose Oxygen Builder for its flexibility and client-side update capabilities, particularly for managing video content.
  3. Design Implementation: Translated the client-provided designs into a fully functioning layout with emphasis on interactive carousels to showcase services.
  4. Blog Functionality: Created a blog section with intuitive filtering features to improve the customer knowledge base.
  5. Calendly Integration: Integrated Calendly to the website to streamline the booking process and facilitate lead generation.

Solutions Delivered

  • A cutting-edge website design that encapsulates Eyekandy’s creative AR and VR services through engaging video content.
  • Performance-focused development featuring optimized videos that load efficiently without sacrificing visual quality.
  • User-friendly content management enabled through Oxygen Builder, granting the client autonomy over their digital content.
  • An informative blog platform with easy-to-use filters, enhancing information discovery for users.


  • Launched a high-performance, video-centric website that effectively captures the essence of Eyekandy’s offerings and expertise in AR and VR.
  • Positive feedback from clients and prospects, who experienced seamless video playback and quick load times.
  • Streamlined appointment booking process resulting in an increased number of discovery calls and client engagement.
Eyekandy website


Eyekandy’s new website stands as a testament to high-quality AR/VR content presentation merged with exceptional web performance, offering an enthralling digital experience that fuels business growth and client engagement.

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