Centre for the Study of Governance & Society Website

Aligning Academic Excellence with Digital Presence

Custom design and build using Bootstrap and Advanced Custom Fields. Website supports events management and multimedia integrations.

Centre for the Study of Governance & Society Website

Client Overview

  • Client Name: CSGS - Center for the Study of Governance and Society
  • Industry: Academic Research / Higher Education
  • Affiliation: King’s College London
  • Website URL: https://csgs.kcl.ac.uk


CSGS at King’s College London required a state-of-the-art website that would not only align with the strict KCL brand guidelines but also clearly showcase their academic work, including research papers, grant offerings, podcasts, videos, and events. The new site needed to be modern while respecting color schemes, font choices, and logo usage dictated by the college’s branding policies.

Project Goals

  • Design and develop a fresh and contemporary website within the confines of KCL’s brand guidelines.
  • Implement a user-friendly CMS for the CSGS team to independently manage updates and content.
  • Create a comprehensive platform to display news, research, grants, multimedia, and event information.
  • Ensure the site is accessible and informative for visitors while maintaining a professional academic tone.

Process and Development

  1. Branding Compliance: Collaborated with KCL to ensure the website met their stringent branding requirements.
  2. CMS Configuration: Selected WordPress with advanced custom fields and Bootstrap for a customized yet user-friendly content management experience.
  3. Content Structuring: Utilized the WordPress classic editor to enable CSGS staff to easily update and maintain the website’s various content offerings.
  4. Multimedia Integration: Built dedicated sections to effectively house CSGS’s podcasts, videos, and blog posts.
  5. Event Promotion: Developed a robust events module to highlight and facilitate engagement with upcoming CSGS activities.

Solutions Delivered

  • A sleek, brand-aligned website that promotes CSGS’s scholarly output and news.
  • An intuitive and easily navigable CMS, empowering CSGS staff to keep content up-to-date.
  • A multimedia-rich platform, offering access to educational podcasts, videos, and written content.
  • An events system to keep the academic community informed and engaged with CSGS initiatives.


  • Launched a KCL-approved platform upholding all branding guidelines with a modern aesthetic.
  • Received commendations from both CSGS staff and other KCL departments for the website’s design and functionality.
  • The website was internally recognized as an exemplar of brand guideline conformance and user experience.

Client Testimonial

CSGS Website


CSGS’s new website brings together the best of academic tradition and digital accessibility, serving as a benchmark for future projects within King’s College London for adherence to branding and ease of use.

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