Centripetal AI Website

Crafting a Dynamic Marketing Hub with Advanced Integrations

Custom built from client provided mockups. Featuring custom AfterEffects/Lottie animations and video throughout.

Centripetal AI Website

Client Overview


Centripetal.ai needed a powerful online presence to mirror their innovative cybersecurity services, notably their “CleanINTERNET®” real-time threat detection service. Collaborating with FMXA, the goal was to create a marketing website that not only effectively communicated their specialized offerings but also featured dynamic content such as videos and animations that encapsulate the agility and sophistication of their cybersecurity solutions.

Project Goals

  • Develop a visually compelling and informative website that aligns with Centripetal.ai’s high-tech cybersecurity services.
  • Implement a user-friendly content management system to enable easy updates by both the creative agency FMXA and the client.
  • Integrate multimedia elements like Lottie animations to vividly depict the company’s advanced cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Create an online platform optimized for performance, reflecting the speed and efficiency of Centripetal.ai’s threat detection services.

Process and Development

  1. Solution-Oriented Design: Crafted a sleek website that showcases Centripetal.ai’s cybersecurity expertise and real-time threat monitoring services.
  2. Elementor Development: Built the site using Elementor for its flexibility and ease of use, facilitating content updates without extra development support.
  3. Multimedia Enhancements: Incorporated interactive animations and customized video embedding to highlight the technical sophistication of Centripetal.ai’s services.
  4. Performance Tuning: Ensured the website underwent thorough optimizations for a fast, streamlined user experience akin to the company’s rapid threat detection.
  5. Event and CRM Integration: Developed event management capabilities linked with Eventbrite and integrated with HubSpot CRM for proficient lead management.

Solutions Delivered

  • A state-of-the-art website that perfectly illustrates Centripetal.ai’s commitment to intelligence-powered cybersecurity.
  • Interactive design elements that engage and educate visitors on the importance and impact of real-time threat detection services.
  • A robust, scalable platform equipped with a suite of tools for content management, event organization, and customer relationship management.


  • Achieved an industry-appropriate, high-performance web presence that effectively communicates Centripetal.ai’s core services and brand promise.
  • Significantly enhanced user engagement through interactive and informative content features, mirroring the company’s proactive and dynamic approach to cybersecurity.
  • Streamlined the promotional and management process for events, crucial for community outreach and brand authority within the cybersecurity space.
Centripetal.ai Website


The collaborative effort for Centripetal.ai has culminated in a web platform that not only encapsulates the essence of their intelligence-powered cybersecurity but also serves as the foundational piece for future marketing and educational endeavors.

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