Brother Cycles Website

Pedaling Success with Custom E-Commerce Solution

Custom design and build from client branding guidelines. Featuring an e-commerce store with bike customisations and a wholesalers portal.

Brother Cycles Website

Client Overview


Brother Cycles, known for their high-quality steel frame bikes designed for trekking, sought to revamp their online presence with an e-commerce platform that represents their brand and supports their burgeoning community. The main objectives were to upgrade the e-commerce experience, offer customization options for product variations, and create a private portal for dealers to place bulk orders efficiently. This was to be achieved while also providing a space for community engagement through sharing bike builds, journal entries, and event announcements.

Project Goals

  • Build a robust e-commerce site with customization capabilities for bike frames and sizes, and event ticket sales.
  • Foster community engagement with features for sharing custom bike builds.
  • Deliver a seamless interface for dealers to make wholesale purchases.
  • Maintain the integrity of the website over the years with minimal need for updates.

Process and Development

  1. Design Collaboration: Partnered with Yawn Creative to translate sophisticated designs into a functional website.
  2. Custom WooCommerce Implementation: Developed an e-commerce platform tailored to the unique needs of bike sales.
  3. Advanced Custom Fields: Built flexible site structure with Advanced Custom Fields for easy content updates.
  4. Community Integration: Incorporated areas for community interaction, journals, and event bookings.
  5. Dealer Portal: Created an efficient back-end portal for dealers to expedite bulk ordering processes.

Solutions Delivered

  • A custom WooCommerce site that seamlessly sells bikes, frames, and accessories.
  • A community section for cyclists to showcase their custom builds and engage with the brand.
  • An exclusive dealer portal streamlining the wholesale purchasing experience.
  • A visually appealing platform that stays true to the updated brand image and ethos.


  • Stood the test of time, requiring minimal maintenance while continuously serving an active community.
  • Provided an enriched online shopping and customization experience for cycling enthusiasts.
  • Enabled dealers to easily manage bulk orders, enhancing B2B operations.
  • Integrated with backend systems for accounting and distribution for operational efficiency.
Brother Cycles


The Brother Cycles website serves as a successful example of how an e-commerce platform can evolve to meet the needs of a dedicated community and a dynamic retail space, maintaining performance and security with longevity.

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