Beast Store Website

Making Tough Bin Bags Accessible Online

Custom design and build. WooCommerce + Subscriptions website featuring a highly customised checkout flow and custom integration with distribution partner.

Beast Store Website

Client Overview


Beast Store had a strong in-store presence selling their ultra-tough bin bags, but they wanted to capitalize on online sales. They sought an online platform that would not only make their product available to a wider audience but also improve their profit margins compared to in-store sales. The key challenge was designing an e-commerce store with a frictionless subscription model that was user-friendly and low-effort for customers to manage.

Project Goals

  • Provide an easy-to-use e-commerce platform for one-off and subscription purchases.
  • Create a seamless checkout flow to reduce friction and encourage subscriptions.
  • Implement an account management system for flexible subscription adjustments.
  • Ensure the website reflects the strong brand identity through meticulous design.
  • Integrate efficiently with the client’s distribution partner for order processing.

Process and Development

  1. Client Collaboration: Worked closely with the client for a clear understanding and flow of requirements.
  2. Wireframe Design: Followed the client-provided wireframes to achieve the desired user journey.
  3. Custom Development: Utilized Oxygen Builder and tailored WooCommerce for a unique checkout experience.
  4. System Integration: Developed a custom integration for the client’s distribution partner.
  5. SEO: Focused on optimizing the website for both branded and product-specific keywords, ensuring organic search visibility.

Solutions Delivered

  • A custom, highly intuitive checkout designed for subscription models.
  • Effective account management features for easy customer use.
  • Complete branding alignment within the site’s design elements.
  • Custom integration with distribution channels for seamless order processing.
  • An SEO-optimized website climbing the ranks for key search terms.
  • Ongoing website hosting, support and management with a WordPress Care Plan.


  • A growing subscriber base with a low churn rate.
  • Hassle-free delivery of tough bin bags to customers.
  • Limited customer service queries due to a self-service approach.
  • Continuous expansion of the website to support new product ranges.

Client Testimonial

Beast Store


This e-commerce solution for Beast Store serves as a great example of an efficient, self-sustaining online business model that successfully aligns brand identity, customer experience, and business objectives.

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