Empowering European Ventures with Dynamic Digital Presence

Custom build featuring beautiful hand-crafted visuals from Beach.Design. Custom Airtable CRM integration.


Client Overview


As a venture capital firm dedicated to backing influential founders and opening markets, Backed.VC required an online platform to reflect their strong community engagement and support their extensive collaboration with European entrepreneurs. Previously reliant on an outdated website and separate data management tools, they needed a fresh, fully integrated web solution that aligned with their sophisticated branding and streamlined their operations.

Project Goals

  • Create a marketing-focused web platform with a modern and compelling design.
  • Seamlessly integrate the WordPress content management system (CMS) that reflects the newly updated branding.
  • Develop a custom integration with Airtable to synchronize venture and founder information.
  • Implement user-friendly content updates through a reliable page builder.

Process and Development

  1. Design Partnership: Collaborated with Beach.Design for unique visuals and branding.
  2. Brand Implementation: Incorporated custom Lottie animations and design assets into the site.
  3. CMS Integration: Built the site on WordPress with Elementor for ease of content management.
  4. Data Synchronization: Developed a custom Airtable integration to streamline venture, founder, and organization data.

Solutions Delivered

  • A visually stunning website with custom illustrations and animations that resonate with the venture capital audience.
  • Elementor integration offering a flexible and adaptable interface for website managers.
  • Efficient Airtable sync allowing for a single-point update mechanism to WordPress.
  • Ongoing website hosting, support and management with a WordPress Care Plan.


  • An impressive marketing tool that aligns with Backed.VCā€™s brand and mission.
  • Increased search traffic with enhanced visibility for brand and related keywords.
  • A reliable platform showcasing Backed.VC’s community of founders and investments with up-to-date data.


Backed.VC’s digital venture is a testament to how a thoughtfully designed and integrated web presence can streamline internal processes and solidify brand identity, providing a holistic platform that serves both the company and its community.

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