What is managed WordPress hosting?

WildPress 19th Jan 2020

In order to understand what managed WordPress hosting is, we need to understand what we mean by “managed” vs. “unmanaged” hosting.

Unmanaged vs Managed Hosting

Unmanaged Hosting

Traditionally, if you buy a physical server or rent a VPS from a hosting provider, you’re paying for an “unmanaged” service. That is, you get access to a web server and the resources that come with it, bandwidth, database, disk space, memory, etc.

Unmanaged hosting gives you free reign to do what you like with your VPS and bandwidth, as long as you don’t violate the provider’s terms of service.

However, It’s up to you configure and to coordinate how these services work together optimally and securely.

You want someone with technical knowledge to set up each service correctly as a misconfigured service can result in a slew of problems. Unmanaged hosting providers only give you the virtual machine and operating system.

Contrast this with managed hosting.

Managed Hosting

If you’ve ever used a hosting provider that gives you access to a control panel to manage your website and settings, you’ve used a managed hosting service.

Managed hosting limits your options. You can only adjust settings which hosting provider defines, you don’t have full access to the host and services are restricted.

But at the same time a good managed hosting provider will have done all of the hard work for you, setting correct configurations, managing security and optimising for performance.

If you’ve purchased a hosting package with “WordPress” in the title, you’ve likely chosen a managed hosting package. As the hosting provider will set-up your WordPress website and give you a control panel to manage it.

Two WordPress managed hosting providers that we like are WP Engine and Kinsta.

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