Last Updated: 25th of Mar 2024

Why choose Hugo?

Why choose Hugo for your next website build? Lightning-fast load times, top-notch security, straightforward content updates, consistent site design, and limitless hosting options.

Why choose Hugo?

How does Hugo work?

Hugo operates as a Static Site Generator (SSG), an approach that delivers a unique set of advantages. While Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress dynamically render your website content in real-time, Hugo takes a fundamentally different approach.

In simplified terms, Hugo takes all the elements of your website and compiles them into a static, self-contained package in advance. This precompiled bundle includes everything your website needs to function, which can be deployed across a wide range of hosting platforms with ease.

The absence of server-side processing when the user visits the site contributes to superior load times and security, as this minimises the scope for errors, slow-downs, or vulnerabilities associated with real-time dynamic rendering of content. With Hugo, your website arrives ready for action, helping it deliver a speedy and more secure user experience.

How does Hugo differ from WordPress?

Unlike WordPress, Hugo doesn’t offer a visual backend interface for managing your website. Instead, you get a streamlined, uncluttered platform primarily managed by code and simple Markdown files. It’s a refreshing change that allows us to focus on what truly matters: delivering seamless user experiences and robust security.

Hugo’s simplicity is deceptive, as it houses the power to create complex websites - all with the added advantage of optimal performance. And with me in your corner, navigating the Hugo landscape becomes more accessible than ever.

Brand Consistency and Easy Content Management

One exceptional advantage of Hugo revolves around its use of Markdown files for content management. This system imparts a twofold benefit. Firstly, it allows clients to concentrate solely on content updates without wading through complex code or intricate layouts.

Secondly, and just as importantly, by separating the content from the design with Markdown, Hugo ensures your website stays on-brand consistently. Irrespective of how many people use or update the site, the layout remains consistent and unaltered over time. The brand ethos encapsulated in your site’s design is safeguarded against unintentional changes during content updates, maintaining the visual integrity of the site.

In other words, with Hugo and Markdown, your site gains an in-built immunity against inconsistent branding or a broken layout, no matter how frequently content updates occur.