Last Updated: 25th of Mar 2024

Transparent, Flexible Pricing at WildPress

WildPress' flexible billing options - fair and transparent rates for your web projects.

Transparent, Flexible Pricing at WildPress

Hi I’m James, the owner and lead developer at WildPress.

If you’ve worked with me before, you know I believe in simplicity and transparency.

Let’s talk about how I approach billing for the web development work you count on me to deliver.

When Fixed Rates Make Sense

Large, well-defined projects work great with a fixed rate.

I draw from over a decade of experience to give you a quote that considers all the nuts and bolts of your project’s scope. It’s upfront, fair, and aligns with the goals we set together.

Approximately 80% of my web development projects are undertaken at a fixed-rate basis.

The Flexibility of Hourly Rates

But what about those smaller jobs, where things are a bit more fluid or less predictable?

Maybe it’s adding a new feature, integrating a third-party service, or handling some ad-hoc website maintenance. In these cases, hourly billing gives us the flexibility to adapt as needed.

You don’t pay for full hours you don’t need; I work in six-minute increments - one-tenth of an hour. That means more precise billing for you based on the actual time spent - with a minimum charge of £7.50 plus VAT.

I offer flexible payment options for hourly invoices, either via bank transfer or Direct Debit.

Invoices are sent the week following, with detailed timesheets included upon request.

Introducing Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

To ensure you know when to expect a response and when work will start, I’ve established clear service levels and pricing:

Standard Tier - £75/h +VAT

  • A follow-up reply from me within five (5) business days.
  • Work undertaken within fifteen (15) business days.

Priority Tier - £100/h +VAT

  • A follow-up reply from me within one (1) business day.
  • Work undertaken within five (5) business days.

Urgent Tier - £150/h +VAT

  • A follow-up reply from me within three (3) business hours.
  • Work undertaken within one (1) business day.

Full details can be found in the Terms & Conditions.

My Commitment to Promptness

These response times are a promise from me to you about when I’ll get in touch and start diving into your project.

It’s important to point out that the service level agreement timeframes I’ve outlined are the outermost boundaries.

They aren’t meant to be predictions but safeguards to manage expectations for both of us.

In reality, I often deliver much quicker because efficiency is a core part of the WildPress Quality Guarantee.

I value your business, and whenever I have the capacity to expedite your project, you can trust that I will. After all, going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction isn’t just a promise, it’s how I operate.

Remember though, some tasks might need more back-and-forth for revisions or additional input. I will do as much as I can to get the task completed, but if I require your input to complete the task, the SLA timer resets until I have that information from you, and I’m able to continue.

WildPress’ Business Hours

WildPress’ official business hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday.

Some example scenarios:

If you submit a “Standard Tier” task the latest you can expect to hear from me would be five business days, with the work being undertaken within fifteen business days.

If you send through an “Urgent Tier” task at 5pm on Friday, just before the weekend, the latest you can expect work to begin is Monday morning before 11am. However, if I have availability outside of office hours or on the weekend I’ll do my best to fit it in then.

In any case I will endeavour to get back to you directly as soon as I am able.

Notes On Other Billing Structures

Day-Rate Billing

While day rates offer a clear-cut model for some, they don’t suit the way I like to work at WildPress – nor the value I want to provide to you.

Day rates are based on the premise of an uninterrupted eight-hour stretch, and the reality is, that’s not how creativity or coding always happens.

My workdays include necessary breaks for maintaining overall wellness and productivity, which don’t fit neatly into billable hours.

I prefer not to charge you a full day when my day also involves essential activities that aren’t directly client work – like keeping skills sharp with new training, or the unavoidable admin that comes with running a tight ship here at WildPress.

It’s about honesty and integrity; I bill you only for the time your project actively requires. This approach encourages a laser focus on your tasks at hand, ensuring you get premium service without paying for downtime or routine side activities.

Monthly Retainers

I’m not a fan of monthly retainers and have never offered them.

Retainers can be great for predictability, but they often come with a compromise on flexibility.

In my experience, locking in a retainer means you’re paying for time you may not use, or I might find myself incentivized to work toward filling time rather than focusing on the specific needs of your site. That’s why I lean toward an as-needed billing approach that truly aligns with your needs - delivering value when you really need it without unnecessary constraints.

That said, I do offer WordPress Care Plans - however, they focus on regularly occurring essential maintenance and support services, and not ad-hoc tasks.

Your WordPress Development Partner

I’m committed to maintaining the high standards I’ve set for WildPress, and I believe that offering flexible and fixed-rate billing is part of how I do that.

Your projects deserve clarity and precision, and that’s what I strive to provide.

Got any questions or want to discuss an upcoming project? Book an intro call.