My Top Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Battersea

Are you looking for a laptop-friendly cafe in Battersea to get a bit of work done or have a meeting? Here are my favourites.

Last Updated: 6th of Jul 2024
My Top Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Battersea

Photo by The Coherent Team on Unsplash

As a freelancer living in Battersea, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring local coffee shops that offer a good environment for short work sessions.

While I primarily work from home, I find it refreshing and productive to occasionally change my surroundings. This article shares my experiences with a couple of spots that I’ve found particularly suitable for grabbing a coffee, having a quick bite, and getting some work done for a few hours.

These places aren’t meant to be full-day offices or venues for lengthy meetings or calls. Instead, they’re perfect for those times when you want to get out of the house, have an informal in-person meeting, or simply enjoy a change of scenery while being productive for 1-3 hours.

My Criteria for Choosing a Laptop-Friendly Cafe

When evaluating coffee shops as potential work spots, I consider the following factors:

  1. Wi-Fi availability and speed
  2. Presence of power outlets
  3. Comfort and variety of seating options
  4. Natural light
  5. Noise levels and general atmosphere
  6. Quality of coffee and food options
  7. Proximity to public transport or other amenities
  8. Availability of restrooms
  9. Attitude towards laptop users

While no place is perfect, the following coffee shops tick many of these boxes and offer a good balance for short work sessions.

How I Rule Out Places

There are several things that would cause me to exclude a coffee shop from my list of potential work spots:

  1. Limited space: If the venue is too small, it’s likely to feel cramped and uncomfortable for working.
  2. High occupancy: In busy places, I’d feel pressured to leave quickly to make room for other paying customers, which isn’t conducive to getting work done.
  3. Table layout: Places with only larger tables (e.g., tables for two or more) make me feel like I’m taking up too much space when I’m there alone with just a laptop.
  4. No-laptop policies: Obviously, any place that doesn’t allow laptop use is automatically off the list.
  5. Poor or non-existent Wi-Fi: Good, reliable internet is crucial for most of the work I do.
  6. Restaurant/cafe hybrids: I prefer dedicated coffee shops over places that are primarily restaurants/cafes but also serve coffee. The atmosphere in a true coffee shop is usually more suitable for short work sessions.

District - Battersea Park

Location: 49 Parkgate Rd, London SW11 4NP

District building District counter District window

District has quickly become my favorite spot for a work session in Battersea.

This stylish coffee shop offers a perfect blend of great coffee, brunch options, comfortable seating, and a conducive work environment.

Key Features

  • Atmosphere: Light and airy, high ceilings, lots of space
  • Seating: A long high table in the middle for sharing and a long high countertop next to the window
  • WiFi: Free BT Guest WiFi, speed around 30Mbps
  • Power outlets: Limited, only 1-2 available for use
  • Lighting: Good natural light
  • Noise level: Not too loud, quiet music
  • Coffee quality: Excellent
  • Food options: Excellent, freshly prepared, cooked brunch options
  • Comfort: Nice ambiance
  • Temperature: Air conditioning

The atmosphere at District strikes a nice balance - it’s lively enough to feel energizing, but not so busy that you feel pressured to leave quickly.

The mix of seating options means you can always find a spot that suits your needs, whether you’re working alone or meeting someone.

Location Perks

  • Close to Battersea Park
  • Near the river, offering a nice spot for a walk

District exemplifies what I look for in a coffee shop for short work sessions - a comfortable space, good amenities, excellent coffee and food, and a welcoming attitude towards people working on laptops.

Doppio Coffee Warehouse - Battersea

Location: 336 Battersea Park Rd, Battersea Park, London SW11 3BY

Doppio Doppio counter

Doppio Coffee Warehouse provides a functional workspace with good natural light, excellent coffee, and a unique industrial/warehouse atmosphere.

While the seating isn’t the most comfortable for long periods, it’s suitable for shorter work sessions.

The mix of people on laptops and casual visitors creates a balanced environment.

The excellent iced lattes are a plus, though food options are a bit limited.

Key Features

  • Atmosphere: Spacious cafe with an industrial atmosphere
  • Seating: Wooden benches with no padding and window countertops with plenty of natural light
  • WiFi: The official WiFi wasn’t working, but I was able to connect to another, speed around 35mbs
  • Power outlets: A few outlets dotted around
  • Lighting: Plenty of natural light, especially at the front
  • Noise level: Not too loud, quiet music
  • Coffee quality: Excellent
  • Food options: Limited (baked goods and pre-made sandwiches)
  • Comfort: Functional but not luxurious seating (think warehouse)
  • Temperature: Air conditioning

Location Perks

  • Near Sainsbury’s, a post office, and Battersea High Street
  • About 15 minutes walk to Battersea Park

Sendero Specialty Coffee Battersea Park

Location: 37 Patcham Terrace, Nine Elms, London SW8 4EX

Sendero counter Sendero counter

Sendero Specialty Coffee offers a vibrant workspace option next to Battersea Park.

With its mix of ample seating, abundant power outlets, and large windows providing natural light, it caters well to those looking for a productive environment.

While the atmosphere is lively and the location is good, be prepared for a bit more background noise compared to some other spots.

Key Features

  • Atmosphere: Nice, friendly atmosphere
  • Seating: Lots of seating, small wooden tables and high counter tops around the windows
  • WiFi: Decent, but not super fast, about 25Mbps
  • Power outlets: Lots of power outlets with USB outlets built in
  • Lighting: Lots of natural light from the big windows
  • Noise level: Music a bit louder than other places, a bit noisy with traffic outside (on a busy intersection)
  • Coffee quality: Excellent
  • Food options: Pre-made wraps, snacks, sandwiches, and baked goods
  • Comfort: Not specified
  • Temperature: Has A/C, but door was open and it didn’t feel like it was running

Location Perks

  • Near Battersea Park
  • Next to Battersea Park Train Station
  • 8 minutes walk to Battersea Power Station & Tube Station

General Laptop Etiquette

If you’ve never worked remotely before and aren’t sure about the etiquette expected when using these spaces for work, here’s some pointers:

  1. Weekday Availability: These cafes allow laptop use from Monday to Friday. Weekend policies usually differ due to increased customer traffic and most places have a no-laptop policy on weekends.

  2. Purchase Expectation: If you’re planning an extended stay, it’s courteous (and often expected) to purchase at least an additional drink, and possibly some food as well. My general rule of thumb is one purchase per hour.

  3. Be Considerate: Always be aware of the people around you. This includes being mindful of noise levels, not occupying more space than necessary, and respecting other customers’ space and experience. If it gets busy it’s usually best to leave and come back when it’s quieter.

  4. Timing: These recommendations are intended for short work sessions or informal face-to-face meetings, not as full-day office replacements or places to hold video calls.

By following these guidelines, we can help ensure that cafes remain welcoming to laptop users and maintain a positive atmosphere for all customers.